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The Luxury One

Here at the Luxury Bed Co, we take our responsibility to your sleep very seriously indeed. If you don’t sleep soundly, then we don’t sleep soundly, and fundamental to that ethos, is a mattress that delivers exceptional quality in every single area.

‘The Luxury One’ is that mattress.

Made from quality memory foam for a sleep that is truly bespoke to your sleep position and body shape, ‘The Luxury One’ comes with 2000 individual pocket mini pockets that help to relieve pressure points that can cause pain and discomfort and disturb the sleep pattern.

The inclusion of cooling gel helps to not only support the back, but is also 30% cooler than standard memory foam, especially useful in hot and humid conditions. And with a zipped cover that can be removed in order to air the mattress, it is more hygienic than its predecessors.

The mattress’s innovative chemical free composition not only ensures reduced residual odour, but also increases safety standards regarding fire regulations in the UK and Ireland.

But at the very essence of the mattress, is a better night’s sleep, meaning you awake feeling refreshed, revived and looking forward to what the day ahead brings.

That, indeed, is luxury.

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  1. The Luxury One Mattress
    The Luxury One Mattress
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