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In a country proud of its industrial heritage, the phrase ‘Made in Britain’ is one that has become synonymous with assured quality and the utilisation of a workforce who are proud in the products that they produce - think attention to detail, quality finish and an eye for going above and beyond in the quest for perfection. 

At The Luxury Bed Company, we have decided that the strength of those inbred work ethics are something that we want to celebrate, so when you buy from ourselves, you know that every component comes with our ‘Made in Britain’ backing.

Not only does this ensure the quality that we are looking for, but it also ties into our environmental responsibilities. We care about the future of our planet and the people that live on it so we are determined to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint, are passionate about making sure that everybody involved in making our luxury beds work in acceptable conditions and receive a wage appropriate to their skills and output, as well as avidly researching how to reduce any excess packaging that comes with your purchase. This is not something we are doing as a sales pitch - we are simply applying the same care and dedication we give to our brand and business to every single process that is involved in bringing you the end product that we know you love.


Our decision to keep things close at hand also allows us to monitor the quality of our items. We don’t just want to know that our mattresses are made from the finer fibres in life or that the springs will last as the tension within them is exacting, we actually want to stroke the velvet of the headboards to check it is soft to the touch, and know that under bed storage will pull out or open up with ease.

“We are happy to admit that ‘Made in Britain’ is our obsession, and on behalf of our customers, we are happy to be obsessed.”

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