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When Vogue magazine started out in 1892, it was no coincidence that they chose a title for their weekly newspaper whose meaning quite literally translates to ‘fashion’, ‘popularity’ and ‘style’. In the same vein, it seems no coincidence either that Vogue UK would choose to feature ourselves in their magazine, knowing that we similarly hold values of ‘exclusivity’, ‘taste’ and ‘perfection’.

Known the world over their exquisite eye for what the discerning customer is looking for, Vogue chose to include one of our signature luxury beds in an article highlighting the best finds of the new home interior season. Sat alongside other famous brand names associated with luxury backed by exceptional customer service, Vogue rightly picked up on our values of ‘hard work and commitment to their creations’, as well as our dedication to sourcing and creating everything as locally as possible in line with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. As everything we sell is backed by our ‘Made in Britain’ promise, it is clear to see that we mean it when we say we take the future of our environment seriously.
Understandably, we are exceedingly proud to have been approached by Vogue who clearly share the same values that we have for unapologetic luxury and outstanding customer service. This is something that we will never compromise on, with our underlying passion always being to bring you the very best of the very best, down to the smallest of detail.

A big thanks to the icon that is Vogue Magazine for seeing in us what we know in ourselves.

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