If you are looking for a new bed and are short of storage space in your bedroom, the ottoman bed is for you. An equally smart choice if your bedroom is small, ottoman beds offer extra storage space, with gas-lift hydraulics that reveal a clever storage space built into the bed. 

The history of the ottoman

As you might expect, the term ‘ottoman’ is derived from the Ottoman Empire, a state and caliphate that controlled much of south-eastern Europe, western Asia and northern African between the 14th and early 20th centuries. 

Ottoman furniture originated in what is now Turkey and the distinctive ottoman storage style became increasingly popular and was imported throughout Europe during the 18th century.

Ottoman beds today

Today ottoman beds are as good looking as they are practical. They come in a wide range of beautiful designs with endless colours and finishes and can be customised perfectly to your taste and décor. 

Ottoman beds open from either the side or the foot end of the bed, making them an ideal option if space is at a premium. They also provide greater storage capacity than drawers as you can make full use of the storage space. Perfect for your bed linens and extra bedding.

How ottoman beds lift up

Not unlike power-assisted steering, ottoman beds are powered by gas-lift hydraulics ensuring minimal effort to access your under-bed storage space. The lift speed is controlled, so once it is open it stays open until you are ready to close it. 

Ottoman beds can be opened from either side of the bed or from the foot end - a welcome option if you have a smaller room and can only access your bed from one side. Plus, with a side lift ottoman bed you can choose which side of the bed to open. 

The difference between divan and ottoman beds

Both ottoman and divan beds include built in storage and come in a wide range of design options and finishes. However, while divan beds offer different storage options, including drawers and ottoman storage or both, traditional ottoman beds feature a full under-bed storage area. 

The other key difference is that divan beds often come with a mattress, while ottoman beds do not usually include a mattress, enabling you to tailor your bed and mattress to your specific requirements. 

Ottoman bed frames also include sprung slats to enhance comfort and improve the lifespan of your mattress. The slats are also tilted slightly, offering more flexibility and work in harmony with your mattress 

Our luxury ottoman beds

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