Divan beds are one of the most popular choices on the market thanks to their extra storage and space saving benefits. Bed frames can take up a lot of room, while a divan bed can offer a more compact form of comfort for smaller bedrooms. Read on to find out if a divan bed is the right sleeping partner for you!

The history of the divan bed

Divans originated in the Middle East and were mattresses laid upon on the floor or raised up on a structure. They were found along walls in council chambers of bureaus called ‘divans’ or ‘diwans. 

Divans became popular in Europe between 1820 and 1850 during the romantic movement in literature. Boudoirs of that generation had divans, which spread to coffee houses and cigar divans as they were also known, which remain popular in coffee houses in some parts of Europe.

The divan bed today

Today, divan beds consist of a divan base and matching mattress – the base being a platform for the mattress and housing a practical storage space. Many divan beds have wheels too, making them easy to move around your bedroom – great if you like to change things around regularly - while most luxury divan beds have beautiful, sumptuous headboards attached. 

The space-saving divan

Divan beds and bases normally come with drawers or ottoman storage facilities. They can have between two to four drawers, while double divans typically have four drawers of equal size or two sets of equal sizes. 

Divan beds are the perfect choice if your bedroom is small or you are short of storage space. The extra storage underneath – whether it has drawers or an ottoman base – is a great space saver for those spare bed linens, clothes, shoes, and other essentials. You may wonder how you managed without it! 

Divan beds also take up less space than a separate bedframe with the same size mattress. This is because the bed sits on top of the base and not inside a frame. These few inches can make all the difference when space is at a premium. Divans can also be a cost-effective choice because the mattress and bed are often integrated. 

Upholstery and design

At the Luxury Bed Company, our divan beds are available in a range of beautiful designs and fabrics. From fabulous neutrals to bold accent colours. From our stylish Amelia divan bed to our sumptuous Modelo divan, simply choose your design, fabric and colour then pick your storage and mattress options for your very own divine divan bed, tailored to your specific requirements. 

Whether you choose a calm neutral or a bold accent colour, two drawers or four, we are sure to have the right combination for you. Why not shop our divan beds now.

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