Dreams are a rather mysterious subject, as our imaginations whisk us away to fantastical worlds when our heads hit the pillow. Well, we may hope for magical dreams, but often they can cover everything from the mundane to the downright scary. 

Our nighttime imaginings can be a great way for our subconscious to process the events of the day or even try to deal with more serious worries and problems in our lives.

But what type of dreams do we experience the most often? We decided to take a look at which dreams people search for the most to find out the most dreamed dreams.

The Most Common Dreams:

The Most Common Dreams

The Dream Dictionary:

The Dream Dictionary

Weird Dreams and Their Meanings

While houses, snakes and teeth may all be common dream themes, there are some that are a little more on the weird side…

Dreaming about Donald Trump

With an average of 30 monthly searches for ‘dream about Donald Trump’, it appears as though some people may have politics on their minds when they go to sleep, although we can’t be sure if these are sweet dreams or disturbing nightmares!

Dreaming about wetting yourself 

While most people might assume that this dream simply means you could do with visiting the bathroom before bed, it’s actually connected with money worries and can represent the fear of losing. With just 30 searches a month, it looks as though most people aren’t too concerned with its deeper meaning.

Dreams about being cheated on

Dreaming about a partner cheating on you is a bit of a nightmare, but despite being fairly common, with 2,400 searches a month, don’t worry about it being an omen of a future failed relationship. We asked dream expert and wellbeing consultant, Lee Chambers what it could mean:

“Your own emotional balance may be out of kilter, and can be a sign you are feeling insecure, anxious, or frustrated. It can be borne out of the emotions at play if you have been cheated on in a previous relationship. It can also be a sign that you are not currently having your sexual needs met in a relationship. We are in a unique situation currently with interdependence between couples being high and anxious feelings stemming from the pandemic causes higher than usual instances of these types of dreams.”

Dreaming about being naked in public 

We’ve all had that dream where we show up to school or work before suddenly realising that we’ve forgotten to get dressed. With 6,600 monthly searches, it’s an all too common dream, but what does it mean? Dream expert and celebrity psychic medium, Chris Riley, told us,

“Dreaming of nudity can show you’ve been caught off guard and that you maybe aren’t prepared or ready for something in your life. Dreaming of being naked shows you’re exposed and can represent you not having any defense. You may also be fearful of being ridiculed right now and maybe you’re worrying too much about what others/someone thinks of you. You may be hiding something right now or not being truthful with someone and you’re being guided to be open about your feelings, if this person respects you then they will listen and understand how you’re feeling and take this on board. You may be holding on to what/how others see you far too much and need to believe in yourself a bit more in being able to reach your goals and desires that you have right now.”


We used a variety of sources to compile a list of common dreams, including:

Using these themes, we then used Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to find the global search volume for these dreams, giving us our top 100.