From classic ottoman boxes to small footstools, this article will help you to choose the best end of bed footstool or box to enhance the beauty of your bed, while making the most of your bedroom space. 

End of bed furniture is one of the most overlooked items of furniture. As well bringing an additional stylish design element to your sleeping space, they serve an important purpose. Ottoman boxes can be the perfect extra storage solution, while a classic bedroom bench is a stylish place to sit and to put on your shoes at the start of the day, without having to crinkle your freshly made bed.

Bench or ottoman?

Think through your morning and night-time routines to determine what you need from your end of bed furniture. Do you need a comfortable place to sit down and unlace your shoes at the end of a day? Or do you want an elegant upholstered bench that acts as a plush accent piece and extra seating at the foot of your bed?

If space is at a premium, an ottoman box can be a practical and beautiful addition. This is because it provides an extra generous storage space, while acting as an extra surface in your bedroom that also doubles as a seat and a bedside table. 

Create your perfect style

At the Luxury Bed Company, whether you would like an ottoman box or a stylish bench, each piece is hand-crafted and unique. Ideal if you want a bedroom space that is truly your own.

Choose from our stunning, rich range of upholstery - from luxurious chenille to plush velvet options in a wide range of colours, we’re sure to have the perfect match. 

Check out our large made-to-order foot stool from Oliver & Sons, which adds a charming and practical touch to your end of bed space. Then shop our range of luxurious fabrics, which we upholster with a gorgeous button and padding design that adds a splash of luxury and supreme comfort. 

If you need extra storage space to keep your bedroom clutter-free, our Roma ottoman box offers style and practicality. Crafted with hardwearing chenille, velvet or plush velvet, this sumptuous bedroom end of bed furniture adds a modern look to your bedroom space, while offering ample extra storage. Perfect for your extra bed linens and blankets. 

If less is more, try our small buttoned stool Oliver sons. Available in a range of fabric ideas, opt for a perfect match to your bed or add a beautiful accent piece. 

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To find the perfect end of bed furniture, shop our options now. Made to order and hand-crafted here in the United Kingdom, each end of bed bench and box is unique. Click here to find out more.