If you would like to refresh the look of your headboard or bring a touch of five star luxury to your sleeping space, our experts are here to tell you all you need to know about how to upholster headboards.

A luxury headboard should not just be a luxury reserved for five-star hotels, a beautiful luxury headboard is something you can bring to your own sleeping space by re-upholstering your existing bed frame for a fresh and sumptuous look and feel. 

Re-upholstering your existing bedframe is easier to achieve than you might imagine. You will need: An existing headboard, foam, marker pen, batting (material to provide cushioning and insulation between the foam and fabric), your chosen fabric, a blade, a staple gun, and spray adhesive.

How to upholster headboards in 8 steps

  1. Spread the foam on the floor and place the headboard firmly on top of it.
  2. Carefully trace the outline of the headboard with a marker pen and cut using a blade.
  3. Spread your batting on the floor and trace around it – but cut it 5 inches wider than the headboard – this is so you can pull it around the edges of the headboard and staple it down.
  4. Repeat the above procedure with your chosen fabric.
  5. Spray the foam with your adhesive and attach it to the front to the headboard and make sure your room is well-ventilated and keep children and pets away when using the adhesive.
  6. Staple the batting to your headboard and make sure it is pulled nice and tight.
  7. Once you have secured your batting, repeat steps 5 and 6 with your fabric - just make sure you iron your fabric first.
  8. Cut away any excess fabric to keep the back of your headboard neat, but make sure you do not cut any fabric that has been stapled down.

Buying the perfect headboard

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