Divan beds can be a practical addition to your bedroom thanks to the underbed storage space, but without the right headboard and bedding they can look plain. So, here’s how to make a divan bed look nice and luxurious, top to toe.

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, so you want it to look perfect! From choosing a beautiful headboard to adorning it with the right bed linen, follow our expert guidance and you won’t go far wrong.

Our heads up on headboards

The right headboard can make even the most basic divan bed look like a sumptuous and luxurious statement piece. The Luxury Bed Co. has a range of stunning headboards, from our elegant Classic Chesterfield Winged Headboard to our contemporary Cuba Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard. Simply choose your size and colour to take your divan bed to the next level of luxury.

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Choosing lovely linens

When it comes to choosing bed linen think ‘look’ and ‘feel.’ Cotton is the best quality bedding and tends to be the most expensive. If you love cotton go for 100% Egyptian – it’s sumptuous, washes well and is extremely durable. Pima cotton, known for softness and sheen, is a little more affordable and has medium fibres, while linen, which is more expensive, is ideal for summer and will literally last for decades. 

Dressing your divan

If you’re thinking about how to make a divan bed look nice but don’t want the expense of a headboard or new linen set, you can always add layers of luxury and interest with accessories.

Firstly, put on your sheets and duvet/quilt as you normally would. Go for neutral duvet covers, such as white, pale grey or taupe, avoiding heavy patterns and prints. Next, fold down the duvet a quarter of the length of the bed and plump up your pillows. 

Finally, fold a comforter or blanket at the foot of the bed and thrown on a few cushions. If you’re using a solid colour neutral duvet, you can add in a print design blanket or a contrasting colour or texture for extra interest. Finally, throw on your cushions to add more texture, contrasting colour and comfort.

End of bed furniture

From classic Ottoman boxes to unique Chenille boxes, our range of end of bed furniture will add the perfect finishing touch to your divan bed. Choose from our contemporary Monaco Chenille Ottomon box, which has the added benefit of extra storage bed, to our luxury Large Footstool by Oliver & Sons. End of bed furniture can add flare and luxury to your end of divan bed space, while offering an extra place to sit and kick off your shoes at the end of a long day.

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