If you’re considering installing a new boiler in your sleeping space but are wondering about safety or how to hide a boiler in a bedroom, we’ll tell you all you need to know.

The bedroom is an area of the home you may not typically associate with housing a boiler, but it’s more common than you may think. It’s an especially great option if space is at a premium in your downstairs kitchen and living space. 

If you have decided on placing a boiler in your bedroom or you have moved into a new property that has one in your sleeping space, here are some tips on how to hide a boiler in a bedroom. 

Make a wardrobe part of your wardrobe

Although some boilers are large and cumbersome, many are compact enough to house within your wardrobe or cupboard space within a bedroom, so if you’re having a boiler installed, do shop the market carefully for more compact options. 

Another option, especially if you have a larger boiler, is to incorporate a traditional boiler cupboard around your wardrobe and cupboard space, ensuring it is a seamless addition and not an eyesore in your room.  

When planning your boiler cupboard, you should also always remember to ensure your new boiler is easily accessible, so keep practicality, as well as aesthetics front of mind. 

Make sure your bedroom is boiler safe

Installing a boiler in your bedroom can be a safe and practical option providing mandatory installation procedures are followed correctly. This entails the boiler to be room-sealed, which means the boiler takes in the air it needs for combustion from the outside, while also emitting fumes outside through a flue. This will ensure a safe sleeping space for you or your family member. 

Things to consider

Installing a boiler in your bedroom could be a perfect solution for you, but before deciding to install a boiler in your bedroom or keep an existing boiler in a new property, consider the following:

Carbon monoxide – if your boiler is faulty there could be a risk of carbon monoxide omission. This means it is essential to get your boiler serviced regularly. A carbon monoxide detector is also an option to provide peace of mind for you and your family. 

Noise – Most modern boiler systems are far quitter than older models. However, some models may still make some noise which could be disruptive for light sleepers.

Space – Many contemporary boilers are nice and compact, but it is still advisable to double check you have enough space to house a boiler in your bedroom before you commit.

 Bedroom furniture 

If you’ve decided to have your boiler installed in your bedroom and have managed to disguise it seamlessly into your wardrobe and cupboard scheme, the next step is to find the perfect bed. 

Now you know how to hide a boiler in a bedroom, why not shop our fabulous range of luxury beds to add that all important finishing touch.