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Divan Beds

Luxury Divan Beds for Sale – Made in the UK Our luxury divan beds offer a stylish storage solution built into your bed frame, with underbed drawers designed to maximise floor space while keeping things looking tidy. We have Single, Small Single, Double, Small Double, King, and Super King Divan bases available, in a range of colours including... Read More
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    Divan Base 2 Draw
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What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed base is usually a two piece bed frame that’s created as a wooden frame and covered in fabric. It has no gap underneath it, instead often having storage draws, including 2 and 4 storage draws options, as well as continental drawers (one small and one large drawer each side). Many of our divan beds come with a mattress included. Headboards are usually not included in a divan bed, so must be purchased separately.

What’s the best Divan bed?

If you’re looking for the lowest price option, then the best cheap divan bed is our Divan Base Non-Storage, which starts at £119.

The best luxury divan base is our LATEX Pillowtop 200 Divan Base + Mattress, which has a firm support but luxurious natural Latex topper.

Divan Beds with Storage

The storage options with a divan bed come down to the drawers you want. You can get 2 draws at the head of the bed or at the base of the bed (located on either side). You can also have 4 draws, which are spread over both sides. In some cases you can choose a continental style 2+2 drawer option, where you have 2 small drawers near the head of the bed (which can still be opened when you have a bedside table), and 2 larger drawers towards the bottom of the bed.

What types of Divan Bed Bases are available?

You can choose between the two styles of divan: platform bases or sprung bases. Platform bases are more solid, offering firmer support, whereas a sprung mattress is a softer, more cushioned base.

Do all Divan beds come with a mattress included?

We have the option to either have the divan base on its own, or have the whole divan bed with a mattress included. You can have a choice of pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses, with various toppers including natural latex.

What size of divan base should you get?

The size of divan base you get should match the mattress size you have. If you’re buying one with a mattress included, then you simply use standard bed sizes to decide. We stock single divan beds, small single divans, double and small double divans, king size divans, and super king divan beds.

Do divans take up more space that other bed frames?

No divan beds take up less space than a traditional bed frame. This is because the mattress sits perfectly on top of a divan bed base, whereas a mattress fits inside a normal bed frame (meaning that normal bed frames are always wider than the mattress).

Do divan bed break more easily?

No divan beds are just as strong as any other bed frame, and they all meet the requirements of trading standards. They might even be stronger, as the weight is distributed over 2 different blocks, which should in theory be more sturdy.

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