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Designed & made right here in Great Britain
5 Years guarantee
All of our beds come with our 5 years guarantee
Our beds are handmade & shipping in under 4 weeks

Our Bestsellers

  1. Chesterfield Winged Bed frame
  2. Moderno Cube Bed
  3. Serenity Bed
  4. Extravaganza Bed
  5. The Luxury One Mattress

luxury defined

‘A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’.

And, as bed makers, we somewhat agree…apart from the ‘great expense’ part.

Instead, our definition of luxury comes from the pride we install in our foundations, relationships and manufacturing. This is because these are the things we value the most.

what sets us apart?

made in great britain

In a country proud of its industrial heritage, the phrase ‘Made in Britain’ is one that has become synonymous with assured quality and the utilisation of a workforce who are proud in the products that they produce - think attention to detail, quality finish and an eye for going above and beyond in the quest for perfection.

At The Luxury Bed Company, we have decided that the strength of those inbred work ethics are something that we want to celebrate, so when you buy from ourselves, you know that every component comes with our ‘Made in Britain’ backing.

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